Sunday, February 24, 2019
"The journey on the path homeward"
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Enalaya Paradise     links thousands of people, publication, sound, and video which inspire "new people (especially new Chinese)" who cherish postive side of the world.

   Education :   How great leaders inspire action,    2009  (TEDx: Chinese subtitle)
偉大的領導者如何激勵行為    Speaker: Simon Sinek

   NetRadio :   Guinness World Records: Yo-yo,    2014    (Chinese)
溜溜球 - 金氏世界紀錄的保持人: 楊元慶    Enalaya Hostress: Kevyangel (徐苡榛)

   I can't stop dreaming :   Taiwan Yo-yo champion,    2012  (Chinese)
台灣溜溜球達人    Speaker: Y C Yang (楊元慶); Street Artist

Turn on English subtitle (when video is on) : Press "Rectangular Box with two center lines".

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